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Commissions and Memorials


Our  garden cats are bought for a myriad of reasons. It may be for someone's retirement , a wedding anniversary, a thankyou present for a cat-sitting neighbour or as a reminder of a holiday in Wensleydale. But a special reason for buying one of our stone cats is as a memorial cat for a much loved departed pet. Indeed most of our stone garden cats are obtained for just that purpose.We now do commissions of hand-built glazed ceramic cats with colouring to match your cat.

"Thank you so much for the Orlando Stone Garden Cat which I received last week. I lost my beloved Ben in July and although he was a brown Burmese he was large for his breed and the stance of Orlando is just as Ben would have sat under his favourite bush. I have placed him there where I can see him from my kitchen window and it gives me a little comfort and a feeling that he is still close to me."


These cats are modelled using images sent in by customers wanting to commemmorate the passing on of a dear departed companion. Modelled Life size, handbuilt of solid, heavily grogged clay, hollowed out  for  firing in the kiln up to a temperature of 950c. Glazed and decorated and then fired up to 1250c they are made weatherproof and thus suitable for outdoors - garden or patio, wall or roof. From start to finish the task can take up to 10 weeks with the simple process of slowly drying out the clay model lasting 3-4 weeks. To commission a cat we need  images showing your cat's body shape, especially the head, the colour(s)  and the preferred posture  which is most reminiscent of your cat. 

Prices range from £225 to £250 depending on the complexity of the task

Examples of our recent range of life size hand built ceramic cats that have been commissioned as memorials.

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