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Choosing Your Cat

Garden Cats

Our Garden Cats are life-size and lifelike, visitors to your garden will be easily fooled.


They are available in either a stone or grey aluminium metallic finish and being resistant to the weather, they are especially suited to gardens, patios, walls and even roofs, from where they can survey their domain.


Our Garden Cats also look very fine indoors.


Stone Garden Cats are cast in a mixture of resin and grey granite giving an unpolished stone finish and are generally available from stock. Metallic Garden Cats are cast in a mixture of aluminium and resin producing a matt metallic finish resembling cast metal and whilst we do keep a limited range in stock, the remainder are to special order - please contact us for details of availability and delivery times.


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We are currently experiencing difficulty with supply of granite materials for our stone garden cats, availability is limited to our current stock and we are unable to advise on when more will be available.

Our full range garden cats are still avilable in grey aluminium metallic finish either from stock or to order. Please email us on for any not in stock

Fireside Cats

Our Fireside Cats are a little smaller than our Garden Cats. Like their larger brothers and sisters, they are also cast from the aluminium and resin but given a smooth polished metallic finish.


Being smaller, they are ideally suited to taking pride of place beside the fire, on a sideboard, bookshelf or windowsill watching the world go by.

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Handsize Cats

Our Handsize Metallic Cats have a smooth polished finish and demand to be handled and stroked. Made from aluminium and resin they are solid, substantial and delightfully tactile.

They make lovely small presents and are ideal for the kind friend who looks after your cats whilst you are away.

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Looking for that extra special something - why not take a look at our Hand Built Ceramic Cats - each one

individually made to order

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Or for something smaller and lighter, our Individually hand decorated Slipcast Ceramics - no two the same.

These are the last of our slipcast cats, production has ended and stock is limited.