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Choosing Your Cat

Granite Stone Garden Cats

The Granite Stone Garden Cats are life-size and life-like, visitors to your garden will be easily fooled.

Each of the garden cats is cast solid in a mixture of resin and grey granite giving a rough stone finish. Resistant to the weather, they are especially suited to gardens, patios, walls and even roofs, from where they can survey their domain.


Large Metallic Cats

The Large Metallic Cats, which are made of aluminium and resin, are designed with indoors in mind but, being weather resistant they too can go outside.

Handsize Metallic Cats

The Handsize Metallic Cats have a smooth shiny finish and demand to be handled and stroked. Made from aluminium and resin they are solid, substantial and delightfully tactile.

They make  ideal small presents and are especially suitable for the kind person who looks after your cats when you are away.


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