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Our garden cats are bought for many reasons. It may be for a retirement, a wedding anniversary, a thankyou present for a cat-sitting neighbour or as a reminder of a holiday in Wensleydale.

A special reason for buying one of our cats is as a memorial for a dearly loved and much missed departed pet and friend. Indeed most of our stone garden cats are obtained for just that purpose. We also do commissions of hand-built glazed ceramic cats.

These cats are modelled from photographs provided by customers wanting to commemmorate the passing on of a dear departed companion. We aim to model life size and hand build using specially selected heavily grogged clay and kiln fire up to a temperature of 950 Celsius. Your cat is then glazed and hand decorated before it's second firing at temperatures of up to 1250 Celsius. This ensures they are weatherproof and suitable for outdoors - garden, patio, wall or roof. From start to finish the commission takes at least 3 months to complete the many stages involved.

For your commission we need good quality photographs showing your cat's body shape from different angles. Colouring is also important and photographs taken in good light help us to distinguish markings. Include a photograph showing your prefered pose to remind you of your treasured companion.

Prices from £325  

Our newest request for cats has been most intriguing and to date most unusual. It is for two of our handbuilt cats which are constructed hollow in order to contain the ashes of an elderly couple  who do not want burial in a churchyard but would prefer a resting place in their very attractive garden. Until that time comes, and they hope it will not be too soon, they can enjoy the sight of their cats for the rest of their lives.

"Thank you so much for the Orlando Stone Garden Cat which I received last week. I lost my beloved Ben in July and although he was a brown Burmese he was large for his breed and the stance of Orlando is just as Ben would have sat under his favourite bush. I have placed him there where I can see him from my kitchen window and it gives me a little comfort and a feeling that he is still close to me."



Examples of our recent range of life size hand built ceramic cats that have been commissioned as memorials.

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