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Hand Built Ceramic Cats
Individually Made
To Special Order

We model and build our hand built ceramic cats using specially selected grogged clay. After making the basic body shape they are sculpted and details added before they are bisque fired to a temperature of 950 Celsius. Glazing and hand decoration follows before a second firing up to 1250 Celsius. This process ensures they are weatherproof and suitable for outdoors - garden, patio, wall or roof.

Dobby 1-Clay.JPG
Clay Sculpture
Dobby 2-Glazed.JPG
Glazed and Decorated
Dobby 3-Finished.JPG

As they are individually hand built and coloured, each one is unique and can't be replicated in every detail. Subsequent models will be generally similar but variations, especially in colouring, are to be expected.

Cost is dependant on the size, complexity of the modelling, decoration and glazing required. Please contact us to discuss and we will explain what we currently have available, your options and the likely timescale to produce.

Many people choose one of our cats as a memorial for a dearly loved and much missed pet and friend. Indeed many of our Granite Resin garden cats are chosen for just this reason. However, for something really special, we do undertake commissions for hand-built glazed ceramic cats.

Using photographs of your cat, we model them to approximately life size. Firing to stoneware temperatures ensures they are weatherproof and are suitable for outdoors.

From start to finish your commission may take 4 months or more to complete the many stages involved.


For your commission you will need to provide us with good quality photographs of your cat showing it's body shape from different angles, colouring and markings. Please contact us to discuss and we will talk you through the process, the likely timescale, explain your options and what we will need from you.

A special request was for two of our hand built cats to hold the ashes of an elderly couple who did not want burial in a churchyard. They preferred a resting place in their own very attractive garden where the cats now have pride of place. Until the time comes, which we hope will not be too soon, they can enjoy their cats in beautiful surroundings.

We regret that due to unforseen circumstances, we are not currently accepting any commissioned work.
We apologise for any disappointment

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